Nature is the framework of values and principles from which all life and products of the universe are created. It is neither a destination nor a place to go but rather a mindset that ignites personal spiritual growth. Nature is a wise and profound teacher from which individuals can derive their unique perspective of the world around them. These values set the direction on how citizens of this world should walk into the future. This is not about measuring or quantifying Nature or life but creating a framework for human growth and establishing a set of values that we prioritize culturally and individually:

Humbleness not Righteousness

Better not Easier

Respect not Protect

Consciousness not Senseless

Reciprocity not Opportunistically

Community not Individuality

Slower not Faster

Local not Global

Accountability not Dishonesty

Long-Term not Short-Term

Forward not Backward

Optimism not Pessimism

Dynamic not Static

Evolution not Perfection

Resilient not Intransigent