A WILD.ECO Mentorship is an involved and committed partnership, based the organization’s core values, principles and 3 pillars: Education . Conservation . Opportunities.

The mentorship is divided in 12 themes, one per month. On the 1st of every month, the Mentor sends the Mentee information and assignment related to the theme. For each theme, the Mentee can expect the following deliverables:

  • A one page text to write
  • A one page drawing to draw
  • A 30-minute meditation
  • Research and Reading

The mentorship is opened to all people, of all ages, wherever they are.


1. Stop Breathe Relax Listen / Creating Space & Taking Control
2. Learning to Learn / Rituals, Repetition & Memory
3. Body & Mind / Much More Than Meets the Eye
4. Japanese Wisdom / Ikigai, Wabi-sabi & Itadakemasu
5. Bees VS Flies / Finding Yourself & Finding your Path
6. The Snake and the Butterfly / Growth, Change & Transformation
7. Dynamics of life / Duality, Reciprocity & Connectedness
8. Delete Delete Delete / Value, Quality & Creativity
9. Climbing the mountain & Going Down the River / Life’s Journey
10. Finding New Eyes / Perspective & Finding Insights Around You
11. Becoming A Better Human / Better VS Easier, Faster & Exploring VS Adventuring
12. Onward Forward Let it Go / Reality, Learning & Adaptability